Yè. Jodia. Demen. Ale jouk Desanm.

An unlikely friendship.

August 9, 2011


I must confess to being completely and utterly overwhelmed for the first time since my relationship and journey with Haiti started.  I feel a knot growing in my stomach that threatens nausea in far to real a way as I am overcome by a feeling that I cannot yet explain. Let me back up a […]

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Meet Marie.<

July 9, 2011


Some say that this is the very essence of life; the ebb and flow, the pulse of life. A kind of roller coaster experience. Wherever you are there are as many good days as bad. In Haiti, the pulse of life is just as palpable, but the rapidity with which situations change is unbelievable. Since […]

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Calm before / the storm.

May 9, 2011


How does it go? “Calm before a storm?” I know there is a calm that settles in after one as well. It would seem that I’ve skidded to a sudden halt, my mind demanding a moment of stillness. I am now in my third month in Haiti. It has taken ninety-some days for me to […]

Fevriye /February /Six weeks in country

March 7, 2011


This week I started work in the pediatric outpatient clinic just down a short incline from the hospital; 45 kids yesterday, another 25 today. In my entire seven years of medicine, I don’t think I have treated that many kids at once. A little boy was brought in today. He was maybe four or five. The wiry older lady […]

| The Super Bowl.

March 2, 2011


The ‘Paradise of Quebec’ – Auverbege nan Quebec – is the nearest hotel to the hospital. It’s an outpost just four kilometers up the road. So, we – a pack of volunteers from the hospital – descend on Auverbege with the intent of using their TV – a TV, any TV – to catch the […]

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water / shelter / food : dlo / abri / manje

February 22, 2011


Although I acknowledge fully that I have only been in Haiti a few weeks, my subconscious nags at me that it must be longer. Months, at the least. Years, even. I’ve begun to greet my surroundings with familiarity. I know how to fulfill my basic needs. Water, shelter, food. I have my own little space […]

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have we not been good children / did we not inherit the earth

February 21, 2011


1994 by Lucille Clifton  I was leaving my fifty-eighth year when a thumb of ice stamped itself hard near my heart / you have your own story you know about the fears the tears  the scar of disbelief / you know that the saddest lies are the ones we tell ourselves / you know how dangerous […]

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