The Authors

Dr. Z

ZJ Charles-Marcel is tall.

He studied medicine at Universidad de Montemorelos.

He is addicted to Orthopedics and Global Health.

ZJ lives and works in Port-au-Prince, Haiti at Haiti Adventist Hospital.

This is his blog.

 Giselle-Annette Wisdom is from Baja California.

She runs a private marketing business (blah blah blah)

Giselle loves birthdays. She hates “silent treatment.”

And she edits this blog for ZJ. 

Giselle’s blog can be found at

Welcome, welcome.

4 Responses “The Authors” →

  1. Little Patricia


    Aw… Giselle, I miss reading your blog. I opened my eyes to things that I’m usually blind to in my little Adventist bubble. It stretched me out of my comfort zone. Thanks for the season you shared 🙂

    • Hey,
      I pulled my blog off the web a few weeks ago (was starting to receive hate mail from strangers on the internet). I’ll put it back up in another coupl’a weeks 🙂
      – Giselle W.


      • Little Patricia


        Aw, that sucks… Some people just can’t be respectful 😦 But I’m looking forward to when it comes back 🙂 <333

  2. Little Patricia


    Yeah, Giselle! Your blog is finally back! Thank you! I was counting the days! Looking forward to reading the next post 🙂


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